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French Language for Canada &/or Quebec Immigration

French is one of Canada’s two official languages. Although every province in Canada has people whose mother tongue is French, Québec is the only province where speakers of French are in the majority. In 2011, 7,054,975 people in Canada (21 per cent of the country’s population) had French as their mother tongue.

According to the 2011 census, the population of Canada includes 7,054,975 people who have French as their mother tongue, or 21 per cent of the total population. Within this group, 6,102,210 people live in Québec, while the rest are distributed as follows: 493,295 in Ontario, 233,530 in New Brunswick, 38,775 in the three other Atlantic Provinces, and 181,190 in the four provinces west of Ontario. The 2011 census also shows that individuals with French as their mother tongue are in the majority in Québec (78 per cent of the province’s population) and in the minority in the nine other provinces (0.49 per cent in Newfoundland, 3.42 per cent in Nova Scotia, 3.75 per cent in Prince Edward Island, 31.56 per cent in New Brunswick, 3.88 per cent in Ontario, 3.53 per cent in Manitoba, 1.6 per cent in Saskatchewan, 1.9 per cent in Alberta, and 1.2 per cent in British Columbia.

French for Quebec

It is recommended, if you are planning to immigrate to canada through Quebec selection process, learn French before or during your file being processed for immigration. To be easily integrated in Quebec region french language knowledge is must, as it is the most popular and major language of the province. Persons with lack of french language ability faces unemployment and one will not be able to develop professional network. If you decide to learn French in Quebec instead of having practiced in your home country, you will be end up spending 10 times extra cost to learn French language. Most cheapest rate of learning French in Quebec is $15 per hour and it takes minimum 400 Hours of classes to reach B2 level.

TCFQ is most popular test to evaluate your french proficiency for Quebec immigration. It is the test that have compulsory exam of Speaking & Listening and other two modules are optional.

French for Canada Immigration

Canada is the only country that provides immigration points for two languages, English and French. Many candidates with ability in both languages takes the advantage and increases their chances of being selected in Express Entry immigration process.

Unlike, Quebec offers scores for B2 level of French language only, Canada gives you points for Beginner to advance level of French. Ontario province in Canada has special invitation stream for holder of French language ability. According to OINP, If any candidate has CLB 7 level of French language in TEF evaluation test which is equivelent to French B2 level.

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